Design and construction of fiber-optic communication lines, construction and installation works

  • One of the direct steps is the design, maintenance, and installation of the sound system.

We offer you our services:

  • 1. Network planning. Development of design documentation for backbone networks and network organization schemes for city districts.

  • 2. Design and engineering:
    – design of external and internal cable systems of any complexity and scale;
    – ground loop design;
    – preparation of estimate documentation.

  • 3. Obtaining permits and approvals:
    – development of technical specifications;
    – obtaining technical specifications;
    – coordination of project documentation with city services.

  • 4. General construction works and works on the arrangement of external and internal engineering networks:
    – laying of communication cables in the ground and cable ducts;
    – construction of a telephone sewage system;
    – installation and assembly of telecommunication cabinets;
    – laying of FOCL overhead communication lines;
    – optical fiber splicing;
    – documentation of works: passports of couplings, cross-systems, regeneration sections of fiber-optic communication lines, measurement protocols.
    – search and elimination of the place of damage to optical fibers;
    – construction and installation of a ground loop.

  • 5. Land works:
    – turnkey land works;
    – project development, obtaining geodesy and carrying out any work related to laying communication lines in the ground;
    – earthworks based on the TKG-1200 trencher.


Trench depth: up to 120 cm
Trench width: 10cm
Average digging speed at a depth of 90 cm: 40 m / h

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